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Can I ride out with a Police Officer?

Yes, if you would like to hit the street with a Granbury Police Officer you can. Simply fill out a waiver and then you will be able to schedule an officer ride out.

How soon before I can graduate?

Currently, the CPA class is offered once per year. The class is 10 weeks long for a total of 30 hours of training.

Am I required to join Citizens Police Academy Alumni after graduation?

No, you are not required to continue to the next level in any case. You may stay at the level in which you are comfortable.


How often does the CPAA meet?

The CPAA meets once per month on the second Thursday of the month.  


Where does the CPAA meet?

We usually meet in one of the City owned buildings near the center of town such as City Hall or the Neely House.


What time does the CPAA meet?

We usually start the meetings at 6:00pm.


Am I required to join COPs after I join CPAA?

No, you are not required to continue to the next level in any case. You may stay at the level in which you are comfortable.


What are the CPAA meetings like?

We often times have speakers who educate us in their field of expertise such as: Federal Secret Service Agents, Judges, State Troopers, Police Officers, Texas Rangers, Detectives, Drug Dog Handlers, Post Office Inspectors, FBI Agents and much more!!!


What physical requirements does the CPAA have?

We do not have any physical requirements, however, you will have the opportunity (not required) to be out in public preforming such tasks manning corners for parades, fun runs, working a booth and other activities to promote the CPAA.





When does the Citizens Police Academy start?
The CPA classes usually start in the middle of March and run through the end of May. 
How many hours is CPA Training?

CPA Training is 30 hours. The group meets for 3 hours each week for 10 consecutive weeks. There is also a graduation ceremony at the end of the 10 weeks. Meals are included in the training and the graduation ceremony.


Where is the CPA training held?

Training is usually held at the Granbury City Hall, 116 West Bridge Street, Granbury, TX 76048. Some classes are held on location such as the county jail or the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).


What is the cost for the CPA Training?

It's FREE!!! The class, meals and supplies are included in the training free of charge.


What do we learn?

We learn about all aspects of the Granbury Police Department -- from criminal investigations, family violence, juvenile law, DWI procedures, etc. There are also activities like visits to the Hood County Jail and hands on scenerio training.


What if I have a police record?

Applicants must have no convictions of a class B misdemeanor within the past 10 years. No Family violence or a class A misdemeanor or felony convictions.


Will a background check be required?

Applicants must pass a background check.

How old do I have to be to join?

Applicants must be 21 years of age.


Am I suitable?

Applicants must be in good health.


Do I need a driver's license?

Applicants must have a valid drivers license.


Do I have to be able to speak English?

Applicants must be able to fluently read, speak, write and understand the English language.



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